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Successful Leaders Work Harder Than Their Team Members

“It is hard for someone who is walking unburdened to generate an enthusiasm for work in others.” -Tenzing Norgay (Mountaineer)

There is an important lesson in the above quote for business leaders trying to build a team and getting them to produce…

While running our companies and living our lives, we generally tend to focus on running faster over running longer.

We give higher importance to speed.

To produce more. Now.

To earn more. Faster.

To do more. Today.

But in doing so, we end up wearing our systems and losing our…

Great brands read the market dynamics constantly and change themselves to adapt to the new realities. Understanding their customers and their lifestyles very well sets them apart from their competitors.

India’s largest kitchen appliances brand Prestige had a long lasting tagline “Jo Biwi se kare pyaar woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar.”

Recently, the communication has changed to “Jo apno se kare pyaar woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar.”

The shift is an example of the efforts of the brand…

Many companies have an atmosphere of fear. Everyone works fearfully under the fear of the hot temper of the boss.

Can a fearful person work well? Can they give their 100% to their work?

If we ourselves become a terrorist in our own company, then how can it become a flourishing place?

Free your organization from the chains of fear.

Let people work freely. In the end, you only will benefit.

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Sanjay Shah

Sanjay is an SME Business Coach, the author of “Business Management Simplified” and the Chief Mentor of He is based in Mumbai,India.

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