What could have killed Sushant Singh Rajput?

Since his tragic suicide before two days, various theories are floating about the possible causes which could have led him to kill himself.

Some attribute it to depression, which seems medically plausible. But why depression?

Some say, it was due to lack of friends, which obviously is a popular theme in the millions of WhatsApp groups of friends.

Some blame it on a relationship.

I add my assumption.

It could be a possible lack of recognition from peers.

Bollywood is notorious for nepotism and its infamous groupism. It does not allow “outsiders”. It does not recognize the talent or success of those who don’t belong to their tribe. If you don’t have a certain surname, if you don’t belong to a certain family or group, you are not welcome.

And, if you are an insider, however ugly, dumb or plain-looking you may be, you are received with open arms. You will be “introduced” with a fanfare. Your “debut” and subsequent “re-debuts” will be celebrated, in case you fail. Your failures will be forgiven. Repeatedly.

But, outsiders suffer. Some like Shah Rukh Khan, Ranvir Singh, Deepika Padukone, Ayushyaman Khurana, Rajkumar Rao survive with hard work, talent, sincere efforts and of course, luck. Their commercial success gets them an unwilling welcome to the “Bollywood Back-scratchers Club”.

Others fail, despite having most of all this. I think Sushant was one of these. Maybe he lacked luck. There may be many in the industry passing through a similar state today. They will not be physically killed by stress. But their careers will be killed. They will be forced to chart another path because they were not welcome inside.

The same ugly and unhealthy groupism exists in many institutions, groups and associations which can provide platforms to people. Favorites of those in the powers are encouraged, nurtured and promoted. Others are sidelined. Relationships are more important than talent, merit or eligibility. Whom you know is more important than what you know.

In this hostile setup, how can one survive? How can one not give up and not become a victim like Sushant?

One must be patient.

The world today has many more options and outlets to express one’s talent and to express their abilities.

All those institutions and groups which thrive on favoritism will crumble and become irrelevant in the new world order where power is being distributed thinly, rather than being concentrated as earlier.

So, continue doing your work. Don’t give in to the entry barriers to the “Forts Of Recognition”. Create your own kingdom, however small it may be.

And be patient.

Remember: “Apna Time Aayega.”

Sanjay is an SME Business Coach, the author of “Business Management Simplified” and the Chief Mentor of SMEBusinessGuide.com. He is based in Mumbai,India.